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Talk is cheap. It’s the real, live experiences of the students themselves you want to hear from, right? Our students have spoken and Independence University reviews show high ratings on TrustPilot, one of the world’s largest online review communities.

Independence University is known for its 24/7 flexibility in online learning that fits today’s busy lifestyles, yet offers the support and one on one mentoring students need. Healthcare, Business, Technology, and Graphic Arts degrees are available. Education Online for a Better Life Offline®

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"I'd like to say to anybody that's possibly thinking that they can't make it, that it is possible no matter what the obstacle. Just stick in there, and you'll overcome any obstacle."

Regina Snape-Roebuck, graduate
School of Graphic Arts

"The flexibility was extremely important for me because I have five kids and a job that I work 50 hours plus a week, and I don’t really have time to just give at specific times of the day ... I had to work on my own time and Independence allowed me to do that."

Michael Kasuboski, graduate
School of Technology

"I did my research on Independence University, and felt like it was perfect for me ... Everything was very self-explanatory ... It gave me the opportunity to find something I have a passion for ... graphic design."

Bianca Patterson, graduate
School of Graphic Arts

"Independence University was a great fit for me. The coursework was very flexible yet offered some structure so I could maintain a schedule. Also, the teachers and staff are responsive, that I could e-mail them at midnight and wake up at 6:00 a.m. and have a response waiting for me in my inbox."

Dustin Groves, graduate
School of Business